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Goodyear Farm Tires returns to Northern Ireland

One of the best-known brands in the world is making a return to farms and agricultural hubs in Ireland. For many decades, Goodyear Farm Tires pro

ducts have been a familiar sight; now, after a short break, the famous Goodyear name – not to mention its instantly recognisable diamonds - is making a return thanks to the newest farm tyre distributor in Northern Ireland. Farm Tyres NI has been appointed as an approved Goodyear Farm Tires distributor, responsible for serving customers across Ireland. For the owner Phillip Armstrong, who founded his company six months ago, it is the start of what he believes is an exciting journey. Brought up on his family’s dairy farm in Stewartstown, County Tyrone, Phillip worked as an engineer in the Royal Air Force before more recently working for different large agricultural tyre dealers, providing the expertise and confidence to set up Farm Tyres NI. Phillip, who has close links with the Ulster Farmers Union and Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster, said: “We are very much in the early days of Farm Tyres NI and, as with any news business, there have been pressures. But it’s going well and to have such a close association with Goodyear Farm Tires is fantastic. “There is a strong farming community in Ireland and there is no doubt they are delighted to see Goodyear Farm Tires back on the market. “It’s a name which has a lot of history and brings back a lot of happy memories for everyone who has a career or interest in farming. The first tractor we had on our family farm had Goodyear Farm Tires so it really has come full circle for me now I’m an official distributor in Ireland.” While Phillip prides himself on the personal touch and meeting with farmers before they decide which tyres to buy, there are a number of purchasing options, ranging from contacting Farm Tyres NI directly, online or through a network of fitting stations which covers virtually every county in Ireland. A strong range of 34 brand new radial Goodyear Farm Tires – to complement the current radial portfolio – has been introduced to the market. The range includes 85, 70, 65 and XL Tractor Drive Radials, as well as specific designs for sprayers, harvesters and industrial applications, with plans already in place to expand the offering over the coming months and years. Phillip added: “In terms of cost per hour, Goodyear Farm Tires can work out cheaper than most– if not all – of the budget tyres because they are so long-lasting. “I’m all about working with and for the farmer. I want to see farmers in Ireland doing well and Goodyear Farm Tires can help with that success.” For more information on Farm Tyres NI, visit or contact Phillip on 07526 151 868 or

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